The Creative Advertising Program focuses on the strategic planning and creation of advertising and marketing communication for both print and broadcast. Attention is paid to the principles of advertising as they are applied across a broad spectrum of disciplines within the expanding field of advertising and marketing communications.

The program combines a broad balance curriculum of practical experience while demonstrating advertising theory, consumer behaviour, strategic planning, advertising design/layout, desktop publishing, and professional time management and presenta­tion skills. Particular emphasis is placed on concept development and the writing of persuasive advertising copy.

In the first year students will gain understanding of the foundations of creative adver­tising and develop the skills necessary to apply the principles of effective and creative communication. In the second year they will plan and produce all aspects of complete advertising campaigns from business plan through to final creative execution.
The final semester will enable students to apply to a career oriented “Stream”, with the opportunity to specialize in creative concept development or business manage­ment. In addition, students will participate in self-directed learning practicum, which may include field placement or pre-approved independent projects and workshops.


Seneca College and York University offer a joint program, which enables students to earn a Seneca diploma in Creative Advertising and a York University Bachelor of Arts Degree. This program is for students who have completed two years of a B.A. program, or three years of an honours B.A. program at York University. Information on the joint pro­gram may be obtained from the Advising Centre, Faculty of Arts, York University, or from the Admissions Office, Seneca College.


The Creative Advertising Program is an active participant and member of the following industry related associations and programs:
  • Advertising and Design Club of Canada
  • Advertising Educators Association of Canada
  • Institute of Communication Agencies
  • The Design Exchange
  • One Club (New York)
  • Association of Canadian Advertisers


Turn Your Diploma into a Degree. Graduates of this program may be eligible for transfer opportunities with York University, Tyndale University College, Athabasca University, Royal Roads University, and Griffith University. For more information on these opportunities, refer to the Seneca Degree Transfer Guide.

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